2 Things Most People Don’t Know About Shingle Roof Repair in Red Bank, TN

A new roof can cost as much as $20,000 or more depending on materials and size. Most people would prefer not to get blindsided by this expense. Fortunately, repairing small problems like missing shingles when they first appear is one of the best ways to extend a roof’s lifespan. Here are two things roofers want everyone to know about shingle roof repair in Red Bank, TN.

1. It’s Inexpensive

Shingles become damaged or go missing following rainstorms, heavy winds, and other weather events. They also deteriorate over time as they age. When shingles become damaged, it’s important to replace them right away because they’re the structure’s best defense against leaky roofs and ceiling damage.

Most people either put off shingle repairs because they don’t know they have damage or because they think the repairs are too expensive. Of all roof repairs, shingle repair and replacement are the least expensive but most necessary.

2. A Budget-friendly Roof Replacement Option

Sometimes roof damage is too extensive for minor repairs. Instead, roofers might recommend replacing the roof. Asphalt shingle roofs are allowed by code to have up to two layers of shingles in lieu of complete roof replacement. Roofers recommend an overlay when the house meets the requirements.

Why choose an overlay? For starters, it’s cheaper than traditional roof repair. It’s also a method that adds a second layer of protection to the roof.

The best way to maintain an asphalt roof’s integrity is to schedule regular roof inspections and makes repairs as necessary.