5 Questions to Help You Pick a General Contractor

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Fixing your home can turn into a huge undertaking. You’ll want to start by hiring the services of a good general contractor in San Ramon. Check out the following questions to help you.

How long have you been in business?

You can check the contractor’s page for this information. Asking about it, though, is a good way to start the interview. If the company has been around long enough, that indicates credibility and reliability, two qualities you’ll want in your general contractor.

Do you need a down payment?

It’s normal to pay for a down payment. But if your contractor is asking for more than 20 percent of the bill’s total upfront, then be on your guard. You may be dealing with a dodgy contractor.

Who’s going to work on my renovation project?

It’s important that you find out who’s going to work on your home. Does the company have a work crew or does it rely on subcontractors? Find out so you’ll know if hiring the firm is a good idea or not.

Are they professional?

Did the contractor get to your home in time? Did the crew get started on time? When you do spot-checks, do you catch the crew lagging behind and taking their time? Or did you see everyone busy and working as best as they could to finish the time the soonest possible?

How long will it take?

An experienced general contractor in San Ramon will provide you with an end-date. Make sure that’s included in the contract, right along with the start-date, How Stuff Works says. That way, both parties can refer to the contract for these details. This will help you track the progress of the renovation project and check if everything is on track or not.

These questions won’t cover everything. But these should be enough to give you a good head-start on finding the right ntractor.

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