How Adding Hand Dryers to Your Restrooms Can Make a Difference to Your Business

Running a business demands a huge amount of time and energy. Compared to securing financial backing and managing employees, the choice between installing paper towel dispensers and hand dryers in your restrooms can seem trivial. But there are several benefits to choosing restroom hand dryers beyond just helping customers dry their hands.

Lower Costs

In the long run, a hand dryer is more cost-effective than a paper towel dispenser. Paper towels have to be refilled on a regular basis, meaning you have to designate part of your budget to purchase cases of power towels. That adds up month after month. Also, paper towels create waste, meaning your staff will need to spend more time emptying trash cans and cleaning up crumpled towels that did not quite make it there. As you go through more trash bags, that is another added cost. A hand dryer does not require the same constant maintenance, nor does it create excess waste. Air hand dryers can also come with a warranty, so if you run into a problem down the road, fixing your machine does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

LEED Credits

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is an accreditation system used by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED credits are globally recognized as an indication that a building project is sustainable. Sustainable design can produce both personal and global benefits. For example, overhead costs for your business can be reduced by choosing LEED accredited products that increase energy efficiency. By improving your business’s energy efficiency, you will also be reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a healthier environment. Certain hand dryers are LEED accredited and can help your building qualify for LEED accreditation as well. LEED accreditation is quickly becoming the industry standard, and you want to show your business is leading the way.

Business Needs

There are a variety of restroom hand dryers available, each designed to fulfill different business needs. If your restroom is in a high-traffic area, a vandal-resistant model could be valuable. You might also want to look into fast-drying models for customer comfort, or ADA-compliant models if you work with a population more likely to have disabilities, such as the elderly. Though the choice of a hand dryer may seem straight-forward, it is a chance to better serve your customers.

Your number one priority is to give your business the best chance to grow. That means taking into account the small details as well as the big plans. So when it comes to your restroom, consider an air hand dryer and all the advantages it can offer. For more information, visit the website.