Advantages Offered by a Metal Ceiling New Haven, CT

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

There are quite a few advantages offered by installing a metal ceiling New Haven CT. Metal offers the same advantages inside of a building that it does on the outside. It is fire resistant and offered in a number of styles and finishes. Also, metal ceilings can help to reduce overall utility costs. Some of the specific advantages offered by this type of ceiling over foam board or gypsum are found here.


A metal ceiling New Haven CT will be stronger and much less susceptible to breaks and cracks than the more commonly used ceiling materials but will still provide access to the ceiling void. This is where the majority of buildings will run wires, install environmental controls, and conduits. Also, most security components are located in the ceiling.

All of these types of items will require the occasional repair and maintenance. This means that being able to access them without worrying about breaking the ceiling tiles is a huge advantage offered by metal. This material is also moisture resistant, which reduces the chances of it crumbling from leaks or being stained.


While thinking that metal can be a muffler and sound insulator might seem a bit counterintuitive, the fact is metal ceilings are available that will help to redirect or absorb sound so that an echo chamber is not created. Acoustic tiles that have mineral wool or fleece inlays will provide clarity to speech and absorb sound, which are features not offered by most traditional ceiling materials.


Those looking into ceiling options can find a number of styles and looks for a Metal Ceiling New Haven CT. There are various finishes, textures, and styles to choose from. Metal can be coated with virtually any color desired and take on the look of any style a person may want.

More information about metal ceilings and the many benefits they offer can be found by contacting the staff from Abingdon Construction. Taking the time to learn about the material is the best way to determine if it is right for a certain building. There is no question that metal is a popular building material; now it can be used for ceilings as well.

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