Benefits of Masonry Rebuilding in Wilmington DE

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Due to its durable and long lasting nature, many homeowners opt to use brick for their building projects. But after a number of years, even the strongest brick buildings will require care and maintenance. The effect of temperature, humidity, water and sunlight on brick buildings causes the mortar and masonry to become damaged. This can cause cracks to appear and the surface of the building to become unattractive. A common mistake which many homeowners make is to postpone what needs to be done. This may cause the building to need the services of a firm that specializes in Masonry rebuilding in Wilmington, DE.

Properly restoring the masonry of a building will prolong the structural integrity of the building as well as improve its appearance. It is cheaper and far easier to maintain and restore a building’s masonry than it is to replace it. But if the maintenance and restoration is left for too long, it may need to be replaced. To ascertain if a building requires, the following things should be checked.


Extensive cracking is a sure sign that the building requires attention. These cracks may be due to issues with the foundation, settlement, deterioration, a design flaw or even a combination of these issues.


If parts of the building begin to lean outward or inward, this is a definite sign that something is wrong. Contact masonry rebuilding experts to take a look at the building as soon as possible. Unsecured and leaning walls are very dangerous as their support have been eroded. It requires the services of masonry rebuilding experts to set them right.

Chimney Problems

Chimneys are actually self-supporting structures. In the event that their supports begin to fail, the rest of the building is very much at risk. Once the chimney begins to lean or gives signs of crumbling, ensure that it is fixed immediately. This is to prevent the chimney from falling and causing damage to other parts of the building.

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