The Benefits Of Using Hammer Mills in Oregon

Mill operators who own and run several different types of mills know that each one has its unique benefits and drawbacks. While most people tend to visualize roller mills when they hear the word milling, there are actually quite a few good reasons why they should start thinking about Hammer Mills in Oregon. Here is a little bit more about the seemingly under appreciated hammer mill.

Hammer Mills Are Simple Machines

As far as mills go, the hammer mill is about as simple as one can get. Whatever material is being crushed, shredded, or otherwise pulverized gets fed into the top of the machine and remains there until the pieces are small enough to drop through the bottom of the machine. The exact settings as to the final size rendering can be manually adjusted by the hammer mill operator.

Good For Tough Jobs

There is a wide variety of applications the hammer mill can be used for, including producing fruit juice, crushing rocks, shredding paper or waste from gardens, and even producing ethanol. One of the most popular uses that hammer mills are known for is for grinding cement. There are many benefits that the hammer mill has versus a rolling mill, here are a few of them:


* If one is comparing the initial investment required to obtain a hammer mill versus a rolling mill, the hammer mill wins hands down. It is not even close. The operating costs also weigh heavily in favor of the hammer mill. These types of mills do not consume very much fuel and the maintenance required does not require any kind of specific skill. Spare parts are usually very easy to find no matter what brand of hammer mill is purchased.

* Since Hammer Mills in Oregon are such simple machines, they are very easy to use. The material is crushed within until gravity pulls it out from the bottom. That is pretty much it. Hammer mills are rarely ever subject to mechanical breakdown and even used hammer mills are considered a good investment by those in the know. No matter what, if something needs to be crushed, a hammer mill is the best choice for the job.

If someone is in the market for a hammer mill, they should contact us for a quote on a new or used hammer mill. We can make sure the machine purchased is the exact one that is needed.