The Benefits Of Using Hardiplank Siding On Your Home

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

When it comes to choosing the type of siding you want on your home, you are faced with a rather tricky balancing act; you want it to look good, be low maintenance; be durable and affordable. With wood, stone, brick, etc you might get a couple of these, when you choose Hardiplank siding in San Antonio you get them all. Hardiplank is a product of James Hardy, the product is also known as “fiber cement.”

Hardiplank is a composite material that combines the performance of masonry with the look of wood. Hardiplank is fireproof, rot proof and termite-proof; it is not affected by temperatures variations and it costs a fraction of other materials; it is now used on many new homes and is a favorite for those homeowners that are doing exterior renovations.

Why is Hardiplank so popular?

Hardiplank is a composite material made from Portland cement, wood pulp, fly ash and water to bind it together. Although it has only been commercially available for less than 20 years, it has become very popular; it lasts for years, is available in a host of styles and it is affordable. There are more pros to the material than just these:


Hardiplank siding comes with a fifty-year transferable warranty. It is resistant to rot, termites fire and even salt spray.

Looks great:

Hardiplank siding in San Antonio can mimic almost every other type of siding material. If you want cedar shakes or lapboard siding but you don’t want the maintenance that goes along with it, then Hardiplank siding is the answer. There are many different colors available, the finish is warranted for 15 years, but it can be repainted as easily as any other material.

Weather resistant:

If you are looking for a material that can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it, then Hardiplank siding is a natural choice.

To keep the material looking as good as the day it was installed all you have to do is spray it periodically with water from your garden hose and keep edge plants back a bit so the material dries out after a rain.

There are many benefits to Hardiplank siding in San Antonio. If you are considering putting new siding on your home you are invited to discuss the pros of Hardiplank in more detail by calling Shea Company Remodeling or visit

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