Why Consider Plantation Shutters for Windows

If you know that your windows need something and aren’t sure what, you may be perusing various websites to try to get ideas. While not often thought of a modern option, plantation shutters have been around for many decades and are becoming popular once more. For one, they are highly affordable, which means you can change the appearance of your home (inside and out) without breaking the bank. You also have a variety of options available, which means you can customise them to match your décor or style preferences.

Plantation shutters give you control. The louvres or blades can be found in many sizes, giving you full control over airflow and light that comes into the house. You can rotate them fully to allow more light/air inside the house or keep them closed. Along with such, they can be used over sliding glass doors and large or small windows. Many times, you can choose a bi-folding style from dealers or brand names, allowing you to achieve the look and functionality you want. If that weren’t enough, they look beautiful in almost any setting or décor style, ensuring that you can have something bold or something that blends in, depending on your preferences.

At CommandeX, they make it easy to customise your plantation shutters with just three steps. All you have to do is book your consultation, choose the design you like and have them installed. You’ve got many materials from which to choose, such as Basswood, Paulownia, and Fauxwood. You can also choose from many colours within those material styles, giving you full customisation. Designs are also bespoke, which means you can choose from multiple blade sizes and opening options. If you’re unsure of what you need, their friendly staff can help you make the right choice.