Consider Upgrading Gutters During Roofing Service in St. Peters MO

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Roofing

When a roof requires an inspection, maintenance, or repair, homeowners may want to have the gutters looked over as well. That is especially important when the Roofing Service in St. Peters MO is due to storm damage. In addition to debris and leaves clogging gutters after inclement weather, dents, cracks, and separation may also occur. Gutters that do not allow water to drain from the roof or direct water away from the foundation of the home can result in extensive damage. The gutters protect the roof, the walls, and the immediate area around the house from water damage, leaks, and erosion. Neglecting the gutters can be an expensive mistake.

Cleaning the gutters can be time-consuming and dangerous. Homeowners have to get the ladder, connect the hose, find work gloves, and clear the gutters one small section at a time. That can take up all of a Saturday, depending on the size of the house. Trying to remove a bird’s nest from a corner gutter while balancing on a ladder is precarious at best. Unnoticed power lines can present a danger, and falling is always a risk. It is important to keep gutters clean but doing so can cause injury, so what options do homeowners have? One easy and cost-effective option is to upgrade gutters by adding high-quality covers that will keep out leaves and debris. There are many types of gutter guards and covers from which to choose.

Several types are placed above existing gutters with nails, while others slide onto the top of the gutters. There are also some that are fitted under the last layer of shingles on the roof. Look for a brand that offers a variety of colors to better match the exterior of the house. The covers will then blend in and enhance the appearance, rather than stand out from the rest of the house. Selection assistance for covers and guards will be offered by the professionals who provide Roofing Service in St. Peters MO. Compare pricing, quality, and warranties before purchasing guards or covers. One brand, Leaf X, offers a lifetime transferable warranty. The covers can be taken off and placed on a new home if owners move and the warranty would still be valid. Click here for details on roofing services, upgrading gutters, and other exterior home improvements that raise property value.

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