How to Design a Work Space Without an Island in a Small, Square Kitchen

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

Small, square kitchens look cozy and friendly. However, it can be difficult to find enough work space without a kitchen island. Homeowners desiring a kitchen remodel, either for family use or for home resale, should consider kitchen design remodeling in Wheaton. Making enough workspace is simply a matter of design.

Counter Space

Most cooks need their microwave, toaster oven, stand mixer, can opener, and other small appliances within easy reach while prepping food. When not in use, these items are typically stored away. However, removing them from storage and putting them back after use can waste your time.

As a solution, these items can be placed into overhead cabinets within easy reach during prep time. The goal is to save time and effort while cooking. Designing these cabinets close to the counter prep area leaves plenty of space for you to work.


The kitchen can be designed with L-shaped counters. At one end of the L, stools or chairs can be placed as if the counter were an island where someone can eat. When not in use as an “island,” the L could be used as prep space. Designing the kitchen in a U-shape would give you even more prep space as you cook while the other end could serve as an eating space.

Island Alternative

Farm style is currently trending. If you’re short on space, you can incorporate a small farm-style table into your kitchen design remodeling in Wheaton. The table can be used for prep and then moved out of the way following a meal. Some farm-style tables are tall and small, while others are long and shallow. The table type will depend on the depth of your kitchen.

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