Doing Roof Repair in Palm Beach Gardens FL

When a home suffers from a situation where water leaks into the home, there is most likely the need for roof repair in Palm Beach Gardens FL to solve the problem. Most homeowners will call an experienced roofing service to evaluate the rooftop in an attempt to find the area where water is seeping toward the interior.

A roofing company would first assess the situation by looking at the interior of the home to see where the roof is leaking. Sometimes water will drip downward, pooling up in an area lower than where the damage is present. Because of this, the roofing service will conduct a test from the exterior of the home to see if water makes its way inside from various spots on the roof. They will lay a garden hose in the area opposite where water is coming inside of the home. They will then move the hose up a bit and repeat the process in letting the water run for several minutes. Someone would need to stay inside to see when water starts dripping. When this is noticed, the area where the damage is present will be easier to pinpoint.

The roofing service will check over all the shingles for decay. If they find one that is not intact, it will be swapped out with a brand new one. The paper underneath will need to be checked over and replaced if necessary as well. Often, a leak will occur in an area where skylights, a chimney, or vent is present. The flashing along these areas may have become rusted, altering its ability to keep moisture out of the area. If this is noticed, the piece of flashing will be replaced along with the shingles and roofing paper.

If someone wants to have a roofing service come to their home to find the source of a leak, they can call a professional company that handles Roof Repair in Palm Beach Gardens FL. On Shore Roofing is one company dedicated to helping their customers with an array of roofing problems as well as installing a brand new roof if desired.