Why Electric Dryers Beat Towels

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

If you are a business owner, government administrator, or other operator of public bathroom facilities, you might wonder whether you should continue to use paper towels or switch to an electric hand dryer. If you are looking to buy a hand dryer for the restroom, you might wonder if it really will be better than traditional paper towels. The answer is yes. Here are five reasons electric dryers beat paper towels.

The Environment Matters

While paper towels do a great job at drying hands, they also take a tremendous toll on the environment. Made from trees, paper towels target a natural resource that is slow to renew. They also clog up landfills after people use them to dry their hands. Since electric dryers use air to get the job done, they are considerably better for the environment.

Paper Towels Make a Mess

Everyone has been in a dirty public restroom where paper towels are strewn everywhere. It’s disgusting. More than virtually any other factor, shoppers credited clean restroom facilities with influencing their choice of places to shop. If you want to present a clean, welcoming restroom to your customers, cutting out paper towels is a great way to do it.

Electric Dryers Are Less Work

Even if your customers are good at putting used paper towels in the trash, you will still have to empty the receptacle frequently. If you buy a hand dryer for the restroom, a nightly cleaning crew can probably take care of tidying your restroom. If you stock it with paper towels, however, you will need a janitor to empty restroom trashcans during the day.

Hand Dryers Conserve Resources

Modern hand dryers come with programming that limits the length of time the dryer runs. Because these dryers use only the amount of electricity needed to dry hands, they conserve resources. Meanwhile, paper towel dispensers frequently promote waste. Often, users will dispense more paper towels than they need to dry their hands.

Paper Towels Cost More

If you are looking for a way to save money, installing an electric hand dryer is a great opportunity. While you will have the initial expense of the dryer and ongoing electricity costs, you will not have to constantly reorder costly paper towels. Over time, you a sure to notice a savings.

For a variety of reasons, electric hand dryers are better for commercial restrooms than paper towels. If you are looking to buy a hand dryer for the restroom, you will quickly realize the many advantages of doing so.

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