Extend Your Roof’s Lifetime by Installing Gutter Guards in Louisville, KY

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Roofing

Roofs need properly working rain-gutters. Not keeping up with damages to shingles and other roofing materials can result in extensive damage to the structures under the first roofing layer. Damage to these areas may result in water damage, or even mold growth scenarios. Many professional roofing contractors recommend that homeowners extend the lifetime of their current roof by installing top-quality gutter guards in Louisville, KY.

What are Gutter Guards Used for Anyway?

Gutter guards are a special covering that is fastened over the top of a home or other building’s drainage system. These can be made from several materials, and they serve to block debris from getting caught in the gutters and downspouts to help prevent gutter clogs.

Where are Gutter Guards Placed?

Gutter guards can be made from a strong mesh covering material, or from a specially designed piece of material that acts as a cover with multiple holes across the surface. The holes allow rainwater to drain into the gutter system from the roof, while blocking most debris from getting stuck in the process.

Why Gutter Guards Need to Be Properly Installed

Top roofing contractors familiar with gutter guards in the Louisville, KY area strongly urge homeowners to have their gutter guards installed by a professional roofing specialist for best results. These gutter covers can be tricky to install in the correct manner. It is essential that homeowners inspect their gutter guards regularly and following storms.

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