Fabric Waterproofing Products In Sydney: Benefits

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Construction Wave

Fabric waterproofing products in Sydney are fabrics that have become resistant to penetration. In most cases, they are created by using geofabric (non-woven or woven) in conjunction with concrete. The concrete provides you with a sturdy and semi-permanent base while the fabric helps with flexibility. Both features make the piece waterproof so that you can use it on or near areas that have a lot of water flow. Plus, you don’t have to worry about leaks because it is easy to repair the product once it is installed. You may have to drain or move the water away from the area first, but you can then apply a little more of the concrete cloth.

Fabric waterproofing products in Sydney can be called concrete canvas, concrete fabric, and many other names. However, they all do the same thing: protect your concrete products from water damage and cracking. The process of installation is easy because all you have to do is roll out the amount you need, cut it, make sure it is all positioned correctly, and add water. Most of the time, it is best to use a hose or sprayer to ensure even distribution of the water. As the water touches the concrete cloth, it hardens and remains flexible at the same time.

Infrastructure Technologies Australia offers a variety of fabric waterproofing products in Sydney. They are all designed to work in conjunction with concrete and water to form a waterproof barrier. People and animals can walk on it without causing damage to the product or the concrete. You can also use it to repair concrete problems, such as cracking or chipping. That way, you don’t have to tear out the concrete structure and repour it and form it again. You just add the concrete canvas roll with as much as you need and spray water to make it permanent.

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