Fencing for Your Property: What to Know

Fencing boosts your home’s resale value, improves your privacy, and keeps your pets and kids safe. Before you start looking for a company that builds fencing in Redmond, here are a few things to keep in mind.

What do you want?

Do you just want to keep your pets from running headlong into the cars on the street? Do you want to limit access to your property? If you already have an existing fence but find it inadequate for privacy purposes, then you’ll probably want higher fences to keep prying eyes out. Knowing your reasons for getting a fence in the first place will help you pick out the best possible option out there.

What style and design?

Learn to look beyond the white picket fence. You’ve got a bevy of designs and styles to choose from. Do a bit of research to determine which materials are right for your budget and needs.

What about maintenance?

Some types of fences are a lot harder to maintain than other types. Consult with fencing experts in Redmond to help you figure out what type of fence is best for your home. Do you want little to no maintenance work and costs in the future? Or are you all right with the thought of having your fences repainted every couple of years? Talk it out with your contractor.

What about your garden?

Fences aren’t solely used to as borders for your property. You can use them to keep pests out of your gardens, for instance, the BHG adds. If you have deer, rabbits or other pests that keep snacking on your plants and undoing all your hard work, then fences may be more effective at keeping them out of your vegetable and flower beds. Find out the kind of pests you’re dealing with and go from there.