When to Find Help with Interior Demolition in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Renovations involve much more than selecting wall colors and light fixtures. Before any work begins, all the old material must come out of the home. The debris could include layers of wallpaper, old plaster or drywall, and multiple types of flooring. It is a long, exhausting, and dirty project and mistakes can cost homeowners a lot more than they have in their budget.

Have the Tools

Interior Demolition in Saint Paul MN involves a lot of tools, and it is not only a hammer or screwdriver. During demolition, people need a vacuum designed to handle the fine dust of drywall and the bits and pieces of all the debris scattered around the home. A traditional vacuum is unlikely to survive this scenario. A dumpster or truck to remove the debris is a necessity, as is a wide range of carpentry, plumbing, and electrical tools.

Know the Risks

Demolition can mean unexpected broken windows, damage to plumbing or wires tucked into walls, and removal of walls the home needs. Load-bearing walls keep homes safe and standing. What can seem like an average wall to a novice renovator could cause extensive damage when it comes out. Older homes could also expose people to asbestos and lead paint if the homeowner does not recognize the material.

Expect the Unexpected

During Interior Demolition in Saint Paul MN, some type of unexpected event will arise. Wires or beams could appear after the removal of drywall. A rodent or pest infestation may become evident. An undetected leaky pipe could have caused extensive water damage. The unexpected could also arise because of something done by the homeowner. For example, air ducts full of debris may cover the home in a layer of sheetrock dust when the HVAC turns on.

Save Some Time

All home projects take longer than people expect. It is the surprises, a shortage of material, or exhaustion of the homeowner that causes many projects to extend far beyond the expected timeline. Always expect any demolition and remodel to take twice as long as planned.

Sometimes, interior demolition is worth the investment of hiring a professional. A single wall or another small project may seem manageable, but larger renovations can lead to serious problems. Visit the website to learn more about help with demolition in a home.

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