Five Red Flags When You Hire House Raising Contractors

If you’re hiring a contractor to help you deal with foundation plans and problems, make sure you’re on the lookout for any red flags. The minute you encounter any of these problems, walk away. You’ll be better off with a good team of contractors.

Little to No Information

Trusted house-raising contractors in Jefferson Parish make it easy for clients to get in touch with them. Their contact information is convenient to find. If the company makes it hard for you to find its contact information, it might not want to make it easy for you to contact the team. That means you could be missing something in the big picture.

Unreasonable Payment Upfront

Does the crew ask you to pay for more than 15 percent of the total before they start work? That’s a red flag. Also, if the company only wants you to pay in cash, that could be a sign of a dodgy service provider. Find someone else.

Lacks Permits

Once a contractor has accepted a project from you, that means they need to take care of the permits. If the contractor tells you to handle the permits on your own, that’s a red flag. It could be that the contractor isn’t licensed to practice. Find out more before you hire a company.

No Proof of Insurance

Don’t forget to check if the contractors are insured. Ask them to provide proof of insurance. That way, even if something happens, you won’t have to worry that you might end up liable for a contractor’s injuries and medical bill.

Doesn’t Want a Contract

You might think that skipping a contract saves you time. But it also absolves the other party of any problems. Don’t agree if they ask you to forego the contract. A contract is a legally binding agreement and it tells you what services you can expect.

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