Five Tips for the Upgrade of Re-roofs in Topeka, KS

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Roofing

It would be nice if one could buy a house and never have to worry about replacing or repairing anything. However, the reality is, at some point, things in the house will need to be fixed. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining the roofing structure. A house is only going to be as strong as the roof that covers it. A roof of inferior quality will do much to ruin a whole house. A contractor that does Re-roofs in Topeka KS has been doing roofs for over 34 years. These are some tips homeowners and commercial businesses can take advantage of for roofing projects upgrades.

• When getting re-roofing done or roofing for the first time, choose shingles that are energy efficient. Lightly-colored shingles are recommended for cooler roofs. Today’s cool roofs can cut owners’ cooling expense by 15 percent.

• Consider improving the roof ventilation by getting the contractor to install ridge vents across the top of the roof. Doing this will ensure that the home will be cooler, reducing utility costs because of overusing the air conditioning system.

• When getting a roof repaired or replaced, consider getting an airtight chimney cap installed. This will also help in reducing energy costs as well as keeping out birds and other critters that might accidentally wander into the chimney.

• In order to offer the roof extra protection against ice dams, have the roofer install eave flashing. The flashing will form a watertight seal over the eaves, providing the protection needed during icy weather.

• When repairing or replacing the roof, installing low maintenance gutters will help save the roof, especially during the times of extreme downpours.

When it is time to get Re-roofs in Topeka KS, call upon a roofing contractor who will do these upgrades as well as offer superior service. Mesler Exteriors has been providing roofing contracting to customers in the Topeka, Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas and Leavenworth, Kansas areas for over three decades. The contractors are certified, 24 hour emergency service is offered and there is a 5 year warranty offered for labor.

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