Frequently Asked Questions About Re-Siding In Billings, MT

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Roofing

In Montana, property owners choose pre-finished siding products as an alternative to painting their property annually. The siding products eliminate these requirements altogether and provide vibrant color choices. It is available in a variety of materials to accommodate all homeowners. The following are frequently asked questions about re-siding in Billings, MT.

Can the Technician Replace One Panel?

Yes, the design achieved when the siding was installed may allow the replacement of one panel only. The panels are installed one above the other with screws. The technician needs to remove the panel above and below the affected panel to replace it. However, they re-install the panels once the damage is corrected.

What Maintenance Steps are Needed for the Installation?

The most common maintenance steps require for siding include cleaning debris and patching breaks. The property owner must schedule patches during warmer months to avoid cracking due to low temperatures. The cleaning process, on the other hand, can be completed at any time.

Why is Insulated Siding More Beneficial?

If the property owner chose insulated siding, they have a more beneficial product. The added insulation contributes to energy efficiency for the home. It reduces common costs associated with avoidable energy consumption. The homeowner lowers these costs considerably by making this choice.

How Much Does Insulation Alter the Cost of the Installation?

The installation of insulated siding increases the cost by about thirty percent. However, this percentage is minimal compared to the savings the product provides. If the homeowner’s budget allows for the added cost, this choice offers benefits that increased savings each year.

Why is Fiber Cement more Environmentally Friendly?

The product doesn’t generate the same volume of environmental waste as other siding products. The waste management service that acquires it can recycle the material. This reduces the odds of it accumulating in a landfill.

In Montana, property owners select a siding product based on its overall benefits. They determine the probability of replacement and how these costs are calculated. They review what products contribute to environmental risks and what options produce the most savings. Homeowners who need re-siding in Billings MT can contact Built Wright Homes.

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