Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Demolition in Minnetonka, MN

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

In Minnesota, homeowners will need demolition services after a total loss. Natural disasters and fires are the most common reasons for a total loss of a residential property. After these events, property owners must clear away the debris before they can rebuild the home. The following are frequently asked questions about residential demolition in Minnetonka MN.

What are the Requirements for Securing a Permit and Who Acquires It?

The contractor hired to complete their project must acquire a permit from the city planning and building code department. They are required to complete an application and pay all associated fees when they submit the application. The department provides them with a notification when they are approved for the project.

What Measures are Taken if Explosives are Used?

If explosives are used for the demolition project, the contractor must publish a notice in the newspapers. They must also coordinate their efforts with law enforcement to prevent access to the nearby roadway. These steps are vital for keeping others safe during these projects. The demolition company must possess certification for handling explosives for these purposes as well.

Is the Homeowner Liable for Any Personal Injuries that Occur?

The homeowner is liable if they don’t disclose known risks to the demolition company. If the workers are injured due to these risks, they are liable for a premise’s liability and could face litigation. However, in most cases, the demolition contractor assesses the property to identify risks before they start the project.

What Conditions Does Fast Waste Management Prevent?

Quick waste management services lower the risk of personal injuries. They can keep the work environment clean. They also reduce the probability of pest infestations. These conditions could lead to health hazards for the workers and neighboring properties.

In Minnesota, homeowners hire a demolition contractor when they plan to reconstruct a property after a total loss. The contractor eliminates all portions of the damaged material to achieve these aspirations. They clear the land and give the owner a clean slate entirely. Homeowners who need residential demolition in Minnetonka MN, contact Nitti Inc and schedule an appointment now.

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