General Contractors in Jacksonville for Split-Bedroom Apartment Designs

A property owner who is ready to hire one of the general contractors in Jacksonville to build a higher-end multi-family apartment complex has many specific details in mind. This person may have been considering the pros and cons of various floor plans for a long time.

An Example

An example is an apartment plan modeled after a typical ranch house with all the bedrooms grouped together at one end. This may cause dissatisfaction due to a lack of privacy.

The Problem

Renters have various reasons for disliking two or three bedrooms grouped together. The residents may have conflicting sleep hours, for instance. When one person doesn’t go to bed until the wee hours of the morning, it can be difficult to keep quiet enough for residents trying to sleep. That’s especially true if a shared bathroom is located in the bedroom area.

Residents also may value discretion in their romantic lives. They don’t want to worry about sounds being heard through shared bedroom walls.


General contractors in Jacksonville can offer several possible floor plans in a split-bedroom design. A complex geared toward families may benefit from designs that separate the master bathroom from the other bedrooms. This could be accomplished in one-story or townhouse apartments.

Apartments geared toward singles and couples might have a bedroom at each end of a ranch-style plan. A hallway could separate those rooms from the main living area. A bedroom also can be placed at each end of a loft.

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