Get a Reliable Roofing Solution From Expert Roof Contractors in Frederick MD

If the roof begins to leak every time that it rains, then it is time to consider repairs. This is necessary because water is a solvent that slowly breaks down most materials. Combine that with extended exposure to solar radiation and it is easy to see why asphalt or tar-based solutions eventually fail. Experienced Roof Contractors in Frederick MD can usually help the property owner by replacing the old asphalt products or completely recovering the roof.

Asphalt roofing comes in two basic types, the shingles that cover a pitched or gabled roof and the softer, malleable form that is applied to a flat or low sloped roof. Technically speaking, there is no such thing as a usable flat roof because it would not be able to shed the rain properly. The typical low sloped roof should have 10 degrees of slope to function properly while the so-called flat roof (0 in to 2 in slope) has a smaller gradient.

Roof Contractors in Frederick MD install flat roofs on commercial buildings because a properly installed, low sloped roof can support the various comfort appliances used for heating and cooling. A flat roof may also be used on homes designed in the southwestern or “Santa Fe” style as defined in 1915 by Sylvanus Morley. It may also be found on “Pueblo Revival” architecture as seen in certain southwestern Native American cultures. However, these methods are rarely used on homes in a northern locale because this kind of roof is not designed to bear the weight of heavy snowfalls.

The pitched or gabled roof has various angles based on the design of the building. For example, an A-frame home uses an extremely steep roof that resists accumulating water and snow. This can help to avoid a buildup of ice in the roofing. Ice tends to destroy many brands of budget asphalt shingles.

Sadly, there is no easy way to determine the condition of the roof without a visual inspection and most property owners do not have the time or skills for this task. This is where a roofing company can truly shine. Determining the location and cause of any faults is only the first step in a roof inspection. The next one is explaining and showing the home or business owner the exact damage. Learn more about roofing inspection and repairs by contacting the experts at Politz Enterprises Inc.