Where To Get Reliable Roof Insulation in Naperville

by | May 13, 2020 | Roofing

In the case of any building, the roof is one part that it is absolutely crucial to get right. The way a roof is insulated can make a huge difference in the way the roof performs overall, as well as how long the building itself remains in good condition. There are a wide variety of different types of insulation, but what if you have a cathedral ceiling or another type of roof? Knowing the proper kind of roof insulation installers in Naperville is so important, especially if you live here.

The Importance Of Getting Roof Insulation

A hot roof is a type of roof that is unventilated. No air from outside is allowed to flow underneath the roof sheathing. A cathedral ceiling is a good example of this, while an unfinished attic would be a cold ceiling. Since there is so little space between the roof and the ceiling, using the right insulation is highly important. While the airflow under cold roofs prevents ice from building up and helps moderate the temperature of the shingles, hot roofs do not have these advantages. Therefore, you cannot use just any type of insulation.

Which Insulation To Use For A Hot Roof

If you have a hot roof to insulate, then the best thing to use is closed-cell spray foam insulation. This type of insulation is air-tight. There will be no danger of any air pockets in which moisture can build up, leading the way to ice dams or mold. One of the biggest things about insulating a hot roof is that you need to ensure that it is unventilated and closed-cell spray-on foam insulation is the perfect solution. In addition, this type of insulation can strengthen your hot roof in Naperville and improve air quality, while saving money on heating and cooling costs.

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