How to Fix a Leaky Gutter in Oshkosh WI

A gutter that is leaking can prove to be a major problem for any homeowner. When a gutter is leaking, the water that is supposed to be caught in the gutter will just end up spilling on to the roof. In turn, the roof may begin to leak. When this occurs, roof damage, indoor leaks, and ceiling damage tends to occur. Easily fix a leaky Gutter in Oshkosh WI by following these simple steps.

Gather Materials and Clean

To fix a gutter that is leaking, gather a wire brush, abrasive pad, tin snips, putty knife, roofing cement, and galvanized flashing. These materials can be bought at practically any home repair store or hardware store. Once all these materials have been gathered, it is then time to clean the affected the gutter. To clean the affected gutter, simply use a wire brush and some water. Lightly scrub the affected gutter with the water and wire brush until residue and dirt has been removed. Once all the residue and dirt has been removed, the leak or hole in the gutter should be visible.

Apply the Fix

Once the leak or hole has been located, it is then time to fill up the leak or hole. To do this, apply roofing cement right over the damaged area. Use a putty knife to smooth the roofing cement over the damaged area. Make sure to feather the roofing cement around the surrounding area too. If the hole or leak is larger than the size of a penny, the roofing cement will not successfully cover the hole by itself. Instead, use tin snips to cut a piece of flashing. Make sure the piece of flashing is large enough to fill the hole. Place the piece of flashing over the affected area and bend it to fit into the cement. From there, apply more cement on top of the flashing to keep the flashing in place. Lastly, allow the cement to dry.

Follow these tips to effectively fix a leaky Gutter in Oshkosh WI. It is an inexpensive and simple method. For any additional questions or information about fixing leaky gutters, Visit Business Name.