How to Get Out and Quit the Expensive Monthly Rat Race in Chicago

You and your family have been facing high amounts of financial stress and instability due to the consequences of global events, causing you to search for efficient and effective ways to survive without sacrificing comfort, convenience, and safety. But how?

Getting Out and Quitting the Rat Race

Rent and utility bills are becoming increasingly expensive, and paying high costs for groceries is equally becoming unsustainable. So, how can you break free from the rat race? The solution may be turning to live a more natural and organic lifestyle by living off-grid. Building an off-grid home can help reduce your living expenses while providing you and your family with peace of mind, as you will no longer have to worry about angry landlords asking for rent money.

What You Will Need to Get Started

Maybe you have decided that living off-grid will be beneficial and are wondering what you will need to get started. The first course of action to take is to first review the state’s off-grid living laws. Once you have, then finding a suitable plot of rural land will be your next step. From there, designing a practical but ultra-functional home will be straightforward, with proper planning and pertinent tools.

Heavy-Duty Machinery

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