How To Plan Crane Lifting

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Welding & Construction Service Company

When needing work that requires a crane, there needs to be a certain amount of preparation that is adhered to. Failure to do so could result in accidents happening. Here are a few tip on how to plan Crane Lifting.

A general survey of the site where the job will be performed needs to be done. This includes what condition the terrain that the crane will be operating upon and also any nearby hazards that may be present. Where the crane will be rigged will also be taken into consideration so that the most appropriate type of crane can be used.

Lots of information will need be obtained about the load that will be lifted. This includes such things as what exactly is the load? For instance, is it an airplane engine or a cargo container or something else entirely? Both the net and gross weights of the load will need to be known, or at least approximated, so that proper safety precautions can take effect. Any accessories that the crane will need to use will also need to be weighed.

Certain measurements of the load will be taken along with its center of gravity and where it will be before, during, and after the lift.

Can lifting points be safely accessed? This is necessary so that the slinger can detach the crane accessories.

Are the contents of the load hazardous? This is especially important if lifting liquids as weight can be redistributed at any time and extra care needs to be taken to avoid spills.

The limits of each crane the company uses have to be known in advance so that the correct crane for the job can be chosen. This is crucial information to have.

Following the aforementioned tips goes a long way in making sure that the Crane Lifting job goes smoothly and safely. When looking for a company to handle a lifting job, look for an experienced company that knows their fleet of cranes inside and out. Visit the site or call ahead for an estimate and appointment as to what the job will entail.

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