Important Consideration when it Comes to New Roofing Installation in Ellicott City, MD

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Roofing

Installing a new roof on a home is something that homeowners may not be all too pleased about, mainly because of the cost. However, if New Roofing Installation in Ellicott City MD is required on a person’s home, it is best to make sure that a quality roofing company handles the job. The last thing a homeowner will want to do is spend a great deal of money on a roof that was improperly installed.

Removing All Older Roof Materials

Many times, it is important to make sure that all the old roofing materials are properly removed before any new materials are installed. This is especially important for homes that have several layers of roofing materials. While it is less likely to happen these days, in the past, new roofing materials may have simply been put over the old as a quick fix.

The problem is that this may have been done multiple times and this can add a great deal of weight onto the roof structure. Even something as basic as asphalt shingles, especially if there are several layers of shingles, can be more weight than the roof structure was ever designed to support.

Mind the Roof Decking

It will also be important to check the condition of the roof decking when New Roofing Installation in Ellicott City MD is taking place. If the roof decking has been subjected to overly heavy loads for extended periods of time, dips decking can occur. In addition, if the roof has been leaking for a while, this could cause the decking to rot. This may mean either replacing certain sections of the decking or replacing the entire roof deck itself. If the decking isn’t in good shape, it will impact how effective a new roof is in making the home look good and keeping it free from leaks.

Every new roof is different, and while the problems that a roof may experience are fairly common across the board, the degree of the problems or the scope of the issues can vary from one roof to another. That’s why, if your home needs a new roof, you may want to Contact Liberty Windows and Siding to see just what will be entailed in removing your old roof and replacing it with new materials.

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