Indications Repair Work is Needed For Stone Masonry in Newton, MA

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Stone is a very strong material to use in a landscape design. While stone can easily withstand all of the weather changes, it is the masonry that takes the beating. As masonry deteriorates, the stone is no longer capable of retaining its structure. These are a few indications masonry work needs to be done.

Loose stones in the structure signal a deterioration of the mortar. Stones can be tested by pushing on them to see if they move. Stones set in place will not display any movement. If only a few stones are loose, the stone masonry in Newton MA can be repaired by chipping off the old material and applying new mortar. However, if the entire structure is moving, it may need to be completely rebuilt.

Chipped or pieces of stone found at the base of the structure can also indicate an issue. If the mortar has disintegrated, the stones may be rubbing against each other. This will cause the stone to start deteriorating. While some chipping on the face can enhance the beauty, the edges are a cause for concern. The stone may lose its grip and fall out of its setting. If there is too much damage, the entire section of stone will need to be replaced.

Holes between the stones are another indication of deterioration of the mortar. While the stones may not be loose, the mortar is quickly losing its grip. The holes are allowing water to enter, which can cause further degradation. Once the holes start developing, it is time to get the Stone Masonry in Newton MA repaired. The stones will need new mortar to shore up the weak spots in the facade. This will prevent a stone from falling out and preserve the look of the structure.

Stone masonry adds an element of beauty and strength. While designed to be tough, the constant exposure to weather can damage a structure. Loose stones, evidence of chipping, or holes appearing will indicate signs the masonry needs to be repaired. Because the integrity is so important, regular inspections can identify if problems are occurring. Contact Fitzgerald Restoration Inc for more information regarding repairs.

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