Industrial Cranes Available at Coker Crane and Rigging in Florida

Cranes have become vital equipment in most industries. They are efficient in moving otherwise immovable loads in manufacturing and construction industries. Industrial cranes should only move loads within the designated capacity. Otherwise, accidents or breakdowns could occur. Different cranes serve different purposes.

Tower Cranes

Tower cranes come in handy in skyscraper constructions. They facilitate the movement of materials and workers to the top floors as the construction progresses. They are built alongside the building to meet the increasing height of the building. Being immobile, you need to set them strategically to serve to the end of the construction.

Truck-mounted cranes

These types of cranes serve a double purpose: lifting and transporting. The crane lifts the load and offloads it onto the truck. They are ideal in construction for transporting loads to and from the site.

Floating cranes

They are also called crane vessels or crane ships. Floating cranes are specially designed to serve activities on water bodies. They enable the construction of bridges across the water and load and offload ships.

Mobile crane

Mobile cranes are smaller than most cranes. They are faster and more efficient in moving smaller loads. Their size allows them to fit between small spaces that larger cranes cannot access.

Rough-terrain cranes

These cranes access rough terrains such as road constructions. Equipped with four- wheel drive and large tires, they move on uneven ground. Boom fittings and outriggers stabilize the crane to ease movement.

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