Installing a Hand Dryer

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Safety is important when it comes to hand dryer installation. You need to know where you can legally place it. For example, you will need to understand bathroom zones. You cannot install the dryer in certain zones. Let us take a closer look at bathroom zones and what they mean.

Zone 0

A max of 12 volts is allowed in this zone. All fittings must be low voltage and IP67 rated at the least. This rating means that it is completely immersion proof. This zone includes the insides of any shower or bath.

Zone 1

An IP45 minimum rating is required in this zone, which is from the floor to a height that this is 2.25 m. This area is right above the bath.

Zone 2

An IP44 rating is required and this is the area .6 m from the outside perimeter to a height of 2.25 m from the bath and floor.

Zone 3

This zone includes the areas outside of zones 1-2, no IP rating is needed.

You should consider at least consulting with an electrician, especially if you do not understand the zones and what is acceptable. Before installation verify that the voltage of the dryer is correct for your building and check that you have the installation manual and any other parts, pieces, templates you will need for installation. Shut off the power supply before you begin. Next, locate a stud that you can secure the dryer to. Remember that most buildings have studs 16 to 24 inches apart. You can use a stud finder, this may be easier. What height do you want the dryer at, make sure to mark it. You can find the recommended height in the instruction manual. The template will have information on the screws, drill bit size and where the holes should be drilled. Plastic anchors should be placed in the holes if there isn’t a stud. The electrical wires should be pulled out of the wall before mounting. To mount the dryer the faceplate should be taken off and the base secured. Then attach the wires; ground first and positive than negative. Once everything is connected, attach the dryer base to the face plate. Lastly, reconnect the power.

Hand dryer installation is a relatively easy process. If you have questions during the process you can visit website.

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