Maintenance Tips For Industrial Roofing in Ft. Smith AK

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Roofing

One of the most important aspects of any business with a physical presence is the roof. A roof needs to be well-maintained and kept in good condition or the building will not be around for very long. Here are some top maintenance tips for Industrial Roofing in Ft. Smith AK.

Avoid Standing Water

The biggest problem to a roof is the danger of letting water pool up and collect. If the roof is flat, make sure to sweep away any debris such as leaves, tree seeds, or branches collected over time. This can all clog the drainage system on the roof and can lead to massive leaks.

Too Much Weight

Obviously, there need to be people on the roof to inspect it or to clean it, but too many people on the roof can also lead to damage. This is especially true if the roof is already in a weakened condition. Only have the necessary number of people on the roof. Any more than that and the roof may collapse.

Regular Inspections

There should be a regular schedule of inspections set in place for Industrial Roofing in Ft. Smith AK. Experts recommend roof inspections twice a year. In addition to these scheduled ones, the building owner should also inspect the roof after severe storms. A storm may cause hidden damage to the roof which is not obvious to the naked or untrained eye.

Have A Proper Drainage System

Many building owners make the mistake of thinking they do not need a drainage system for their roof; they assume the water will naturally evaporate. This is certainly not the case. Water can cause mold to grow on the roof, and this can eventually lead to black mold forming. The local health inspector can close a business down temporarily or permanently if black mold is found on the premises. Also, mold can cause extensive and expensive damage to the actual structure of the building.

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