Do You Need Help with Roof Repairs in Aurora?

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Homeowners have a lot they need to think about when it comes to home maintenance and repair. One of the most important yet often overlooked parts of the home is the roof. Oftentimes, homeowners fail to give the roof much attention until something is seriously wrong. If you need help with roof repairs in Aurora, then give us a call and set up your consultation appointment today!

Signs You Need Roof Repair Work Done

Damaged shingles- following a big storm you should inspect the roof for any missing or damaged shingles. This also should be done at least twice a year before the snows fall and when the summer thaw comes.

Limb damage- falling limbs are one of the leading causes of major roof damage, but even before they fall branches can damage roofing systems by rubbing against the shingles and tearing through the roof layers.

Water damage- most roof leaks start small and go unnoticed and then when they are noted they are often ignored which gives more time for the damage to grow and the impact to be even more severe.

Snow and ice- during the winter, heavy ice can damage the roofing system and melt and refreezing snows and ice lead to water damage and other problems for roofs – no matter how well they’re made.

Natural wear and tear-after years of being exposed to the elements and all the environmental factors, a roof will begin to break down and show signs of wear and tear that need to be addressed right away.

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