Owning an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Fullerton, CA, is essential for various reasons

by | May 18, 2023 | Construction Company

An ADU can offer an expandable and affordable housing choice for many different people, including younger singles, couples without children, seniors who want either a starter home or to downsize after the death of their spouse and retirement, and parents of grown children who are having difficulty finding affordable entry-level housing.

1. Escalating construction costs

The construction costs of building a home, especially a single-family home, have increased substantially in the last few years due to the increased demand for construction labor and materials and a massive increase in local fees and permits.

2. Rental income

Some homeowners earn additional income from their ADUs by renting them out to other people for short-term stays or full-time permanent living.

3. Property tax savings

In many situations, an ADU’s value is lower than that of a typical house because the ADU isn’t eligible for protection from flooding under federal or state law. On top of this, when renting to long-term tenants, homeowners can avoid installing unnecessary updates that could add value to the property. This means they can build a time-tested, low-maintenance structure and only deal with minimal upgrades if needed.

Accessory dwelling units in Fullerton, CA, is an affordable and flexible housing solution for various people. Due to the shortage of affordable entry-level housing, they can be helpful not only for families but also for singles, seniors, and retirees. Contact Orange County ADU Contractor on

https://orangecountyconstruction.com/adu-oc/, who can help determine if ADUs are allowed in your area, the requirements, and how to build one.

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