Potential Pros and Cons of Having Screen Porches in Waukesha, WI

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Outdoor living is a big trend currently, with many people taking steps to increase the outdoor living convenience of their homes. For example, some people are adding screen porches in Waukesha WI. There are a number of pros and cons to constructing this type of addition.

Enjoy the Breeze Without the Bugs

One of the major benefits of having a screen porch is that you can take advantage of the nice weather and the fresh air like you would if you were totally outdoors without being constantly plagued by insects biting or landing on you. This can make it a great space for simply hanging out as a family, letting the kids play, or entertaining friends.

Only Usable During Warmer Months

The main disadvantage of Screen Porches in Waukesha WI is that they can only be used part of the year. These rooms are most useful in late spring, summer, and early fall. The rest of the year it will be too cold.

Not Protected From Weather

Be sure that anything in the screen porch can tolerate being wet, such as outdoor furniture, as these rooms aren’t protected from the weather. That means rain and snow may find their way inside. Pollen and dirt are also frequent visitors to these rooms, which may need to be cleaned often to deal with whatever the wind blows into the room.

Relaxing Retreat

People who add screen porches do so to have an additional outdoor living space available when the weather is nice. They use it as a relaxing retreat or a way to get more fresh air. Some even sleep in these rooms when the weather is nice enough.

Relatively Low Cost and Can Improve Home’s Value

A screen porch is a lot more affordable than a sunroom but still increases the value of the home. Don’t make this type of addition just to increase the value of the home, however, as it doesn’t increase the value by as much as the room actually costs. Contact us for more information on adding a screen porch. We can help with all of your outdoor living needs.

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