How To Prepare Concrete For Railing Installation In Honolulu

by | Aug 1, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Railings not only provide an easy way for individuals to climb stairs and ramps but they are a required component in public areas. One of the worse things a person can do is anchor railings in the ground. This will not provide a sturdy railing, and will more than likely fail after only a few years.

Instead, opt to have Railing Installation In Honolulu done in concrete, as it will provide a sturdy rail that will be built to last for years. Here is what a contractor must do to prepare concrete for a commercial railing system properly.

Reinforced Concrete

The first step is to pour the concrete where the railings will be installed. The contractor should use rebar to reinforce the concrete, which will help prevent it from breaking up in the future and help provide additional protection from water. The concrete should also be poured so that it is thick enough to provide stability for the railing and allow a minimum of 6 inches of depth for each railing support that is to be secured in place

Pilot Holes

Once the concrete has been laid, the next step is to create pilot holes in the concrete. Most contractors will drill these out after the concrete has set, as attempting to form a mold around the concrete can be nearly impossible. The bottom of the pilot hole should have a screw or other metal support sticking up that can help act as a guide for Railing Installation in Honolulu, and add an extra layer of stability.

Final Cement Application

The last step is to set the railing in place and then pour concrete into the hole to bond it to the existing concrete form. This will keep the railing sturdy and prevent it from shifting or becoming loose as it is used. Most will also place one to two inches of a rubber filler to provide additional protection from rain water and accommodate minor shifting.

It can be dangerous to install railing improperly and create liability on the property owners behalf. For full service and installation services, be sure to check out Structural Systems Inc. They can make any railing system safe to use, and ensure a public area is up to code and safe for use by people of all ages and abilities. Visit the website to learn more and make installing a quality railing system simple and affordable. You can also visit them on Google+.

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