Have Professional Chimney Cleaning in Hudson County NJ Completed Before the Weather Turns Chilly

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Roofing

Chimney Cleaning in Hudson County NJ is best done before late fall, as that’s when people are usually ready to light up the fireplace for the first time of the season. If the weather is chilly enough, they might look forward to a Halloween fire, or they might wait until company has arrived for Thanksgiving. No matter when they have their first warm, cozy fire, they’ll know the chimney is in excellent condition for it.

The Problem of Creosote Accumulation

Without Chimney Cleaning in Hudson County NJ, creosote buildup can gradually occur. This becomes a significant fire risk. The initial layer of creosote is soft and powdery, and is not a fire hazard. Chimney sweeps can easily remove it. As the accumulation continues, the material hardens and become flaky and shiny. It looks something like tar. Now chimney fires can develop due to the creosote.

Creosote buildup also is corrosive to masonry. It can seep into the joints and slowly cause serious damage that is expensive to repair. This is another reason to have yearly cleaning done to remove the initial stage of the creosote. For chimneys that have been neglected for a while, the workers can still remove the harder material with special tools.

Preventing Creosote Buildup

In the future, creosote accumulation can be minimized with safe habits. Burning only seasoned wood and never burning green wood is an example. Fresher wood has more moisture content. In fact, sometimes that moisture bubbles up on the outside of logs in the fire, making it obvious that the wood was far too new.

A Recommendation From the Experts

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that chimneys be thoroughly cleaned and inspected once every year. The fireplace should be cleaned and inspected as well. Qualified chimney cleaning contractors use mechanical brushing strategies while also evaluating the entire structure. Sealing a crack or two above the roof may actually end an occasional rainwater leak problem that the homeowners thought was due to shingle issues. Contractors like Construction provide service not only for chimney cleaning and repair, but for roofing and rain gutter projects as well.

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