Why a Professional Chimney Sweep Matters

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning & Repairing

Are you thinking about starting a nice, warm fire? If so, you may not think much about the actual chimney you plan to use to do so. However, with every fire started in it, the build-up of carbon and creosote along the interior walls grows. Most of the time, this is no problem. However, over time, it can become a dangerous situation. And, while you can buy some products to help, having a professional chimney sweep in Nassau County, NY do the work for you is a far more effective option.

Should You Use Your Fireplace?

Most of the time, it is recommended that individuals do not use a fireplace from one season to the next until they have it professionally cleaned. That is because this build-up of material in the chimney itself can create a dangerous situation that can quickly cause a fire to occur. With the help of a chimney sweep in Nassau County, NY, you can reduce this risk. Ask them what the proper maintenance is for a fireplace. You may learn quickly what you can do to avoid these complications.

Buying products in stores and trying to do the cleaning yourself is rarely effective. It can take a few hours for a professional to do the work, but when it is done, you know your home is safe every time you light that fire. What is more, your home insurance company may even recommend that you have this done if you are using your fireplace.

Do not assume your home is safe. Instead, turn to a local chimney sweep in Nassau County, NY to learn more about the options available to you. You do not have to give up those warm fires. But you do want to take steps to keep your family safe all of the time.

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