Professional Garage Floor Sealing Services In EL Dorado Hills

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Construction and Maintanance

Anyone who has a garage with a concrete floor knows that the floor is prone to cracking. Garage floors are notoriously susceptible to cracks due to the heavy weight of the vehicles that sit on them. The average vehicle weighs one to two tons, and when you combine that with variable weather and temperatures it’s a lot of stress to endure over time. One great way to prevent this eventuality is by hiring someone to handle your garage floor sealing in EL Dorado Hills, CA. Not only will this restore the beauty of your garage floor, but it can help prevent moisture from seeping in through cracks.

Most concrete companies pour concrete and then only stain one side of it, but experienced companies know that it will take more than this to protect your basement floor. First of all, the best way to lock in a seal is by applying the seal twice. This ensures even coverage and that nothing remains unaddressed. The second trick is to make sure that a moisture lock is applied to help prevent peeling and repel water which can damage the things on your garage floor, or the floor itself.

The end result of this extra effort is a smooth garage floor and a uniform color that lasts for years and is worth the initial investment that garage floor sealing in EL Dorado Hills, CA. If those results sound like something you want for your garage floor, then it is time to take a deeper look at the services that Innovative Concrete Solutions provides at

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