Prolonging the Life of Asphalt Paved Driveways in Middletown CT

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

New England endures harsh winters with low temperatures, a substantial snowfall, and a great amount of ice. The combination, along with the possibilities of heavy rains and hurricanes is not kind to any type of paved surface. Roads, parking lots, and Asphalt Paved Driveways in Middletown CT take a beating every year. Avoiding major crumbling, cracks, and need for repairs can be difficult.

Proper Drainage

One way to prevent large cracks and crumbling at the edges from moisture and freezing temperatures is with proper drainage. Rocks, gravel, and sand can be mixed as a base layer to the driveway to ensure moisture has a way to drain into the town grates on the streets. If some moisture does freeze, there are small spaces where it can go instead of pushing up the asphalt to cause cracks. An experienced company will have knowledge of how much drainage is needed depending on the incline and length of the driveway.

Asphalt Thickness

Asphalt Paved Driveways in Middletown CT must have at least three-inches of asphalt used to get the most out of the investment. Some are paved at two-inches but will end up needed repairs sooner. Insist on three-inches when getting an estimate from the contractor. Heavy traffic driveways, such as those used as business entrances, will need to be four-inches thick to prolong the live of the driveway.


Once the driveway is paved and set having it seal-coated will be the last opportunity to prolong the paved surface. This may need to be repeated every two to three years to maintain maximum protection of the driveway. Look for guarantees on the asphalt paving and the seal-coating from the selected contractor. Homeowners will want to visit the website to learn details on guarantees.


Those with gravel driveways will want to consider having them resurfaced to include asphalt paving. Gravel is the lowest cost type of driveway but requires the most maintenance. Heavy rain, a hurricane, or a snowplow can easily destroy a gravel driveway. This material is fine for a temporary driveway, but it will need to be paved to have any durability or longevity to the surface. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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