Repairing And Sealing Commercial Driveways In Middletown CT

Asphalt pavement that has small holes in its surface can make it difficult to drive down the length of a driveway and may cause damage to a vehicle. Commercial Driveways in Middletown CT should be repaired and sealed to provide clients and employees with a convenient way to enter or leave the property. The following instructions will assist with cleaning asphalt, filling holes and applying the sealer.


  *     degreaser

  *     commercial detergent

  *     water hose

  *     lawn sprayer

  *     wire brush

  *     deck mop

  *     the container of patch

  *     scoop

  *     trowel

  *     vinyl cloths

  *     metal tray

  *     sealer

  *     roller, frame and handle

Removing Stains And Administering Patch

A degreaser and commercial detergent need to be poured into a sprayer’s tank. Water should be added to a tank until a reservoir is full. A sprayer has a nozzle attached to it than can be used to release a cleaning agent across asphalt. If oily stains are on pavement, a cleaning agent should remain on pavement for a few minutes.

A wire brush or deck mop that is pushed across dirty surfaces may be necessary. A water hose should be used to rinse pavement. After pavement has dried, a metal scoop can be used to administer patch to each hole. Patch needs to be compressed so that it remains stable inside of holes. The bottom of a trowel should be moved across patch so that bumpy surfaces are eliminated. Patch needs to cure for a couple days before a sealer is applied to pavement.

Sealing Pavement

If a driveway borders a lawn or garden, vinyl cloths can be used to protect grass and crops while a sealer is applied. A black-colored sealing agent that is formulated for use on asphalt pavement can be poured into a metal tray. A roller that has a thick cover needs to be dipped into a tray. Pushing a roller across a tray’s base will ensure that a tool is covered evenly.

While standing at one end of a paved surface, a roller should be pressed against the pavement and pushed across the length of a paved surface. One or two coats of a sealer should be applied to pavement. Vehicles and pedestrians should not come into contact with a paved surface until a business owner has inspected sealer to determine if it has dried. Sullivan Paving or another business that services Commercial Driveways in Middletown CT can assist with paving projects that require routine repairs.