Rethink Pesticides And Turfgrass When Hiring Lawn Maintenance Services in Caldwell NJ

There’s just something about having an amazing lawn that homeowners love. Millions of homeowners across the country work week after week feeding, watering and mowing their lawns. Yes, achieving a luscious green lawn takes a lot of time and hard work. Lawn Maintenance Services in Caldwell NJ are available to help property owners keep their lawns looking great all year long. For those DIY owners, the following tips will be helpful:

Think Twice About Pesticides

The use of pesticides is a very common way to keep a luscious lawn free from ants and other insects which can become a nuisance. However, some argue that pesticides shouldn’t be used on lawns at all. Why? Because pesticides might be doing more harm to the environment than some may think.

For starters, chemical runoff is a real issue that affects the environment and millions of people. When a lawn is watered, or when rainwater falls, the pesticides which were spread across lawns are often washed directly into sewer systems. This contaminated water eventually makes it into streams, ponds, and even lakes, slowly poisoning the animals and people as well. Consider speaking with Lawn Maintenance Services in Caldwell NJ about more natural methods of insect control.

Turfgrass Is Safer Grass

Like most people, you’ve probably seen and admired the beautiful green grass of a golf course. These facilities often used what is called turfgrass for their courses. Due to the amount of low maintenance, many residential owners have started having turfgrass planted in their yards.

One of the main benefits of turfgrass is it’s ability to clean contaminated water whereby reducing chemical runoff. Turfgrass also has a tendency to absorb much of the carbon dioxide that exists in the environment. With this amount of absorption a homeowner can help to clean their environment while maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Again, more homeowners might want to reconsider their use of pesticides due to how this product can be hazardous to the environment. If you’re looking to do your part to save the environment, consider having turfgrass planted in your yard instead. Turfgrass looks amazing when well maintained, and simultaneously works to reduce chemical runoff and the emission of carbon dioxide.