Security Doors: Why You Need Them

by | May 16, 2018 | Screen Store

More and more Australians than ever before are starting to think about the security of their homes. Yes, you can think about installing a full security system, but this involves false alarms, a monthly fee, and a lot of headache. Instead, you might want to consider a simpler option, such as installing security doors into your home. These doors are much more affordable than a huge security system, and they certainly can keep your family safe. Most burglars enter into homes via the door, as opposed to windows, so when you consider that, you can understand how these can be important to consider.

The main function of security doors is to give your home extra fortification and security. These doors also look great, and of course, give off the impression that you are serious about the security of your home. There are different options available when looking for doors to add security, and they are available in a number of different styles, including sliding doors, hinged doors, and stacker doors. You can also choose from different types of mesh, which is available in both aluminium and steel versions. Most manufacturers also give customers a choice in regards to frame colour, and you can even choose wood effects, should that match the rest of your home.

CommandeX has been selling and installing security products, including doors, for more than a decade throughout Australia. The company is fully dedicated to the quality of its products, and has put its doors through vigorous tests to ensure that they can stand up to things like cyclones, knives, pull aways, and more. Some of the products are also fire-rated, which brings even more peace of mind. The air flow on these doors is excellent, too, which help to make these security doors an amazing choice for anyone in the market.

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