Taking Care of Interior Windows in Hawaii

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Most people take great care of their Interior Windows in Hawaii. They wash them regularly so they can see the stunning views. They find beautiful curtains to place on them for privacy at night, and they make sure they are energy-efficient to save money on utility costs. One thing they may not do is recognize what may be making the windows difficult to open. Windows that suddenly become difficult to open, or will not stay open anymore, could be signs of a problem with the foundation of the house.

It is easy to think that condensation has caused the window sill to expand, or that the weather is to blame for the issue. That may be the case with older windows that are quickly affected by drafts but does not explain the problem when windows in one area of the house are stuck. Subsurface conditions in Hawaii, and some geotechnical conditions as well, can cause damage to the foundation. Cracks may appear, soil erosion may cause shifting or the house may have sunk a bit in places as it settled. Interior Windows in Hawaii, crooked doors, and slightly uneven floors are all signs that point to the foundation. Visible signs mean damage has already begun so it is important to have professionals assess the situation. Some companies provide free initial assessments, so do not wait long before seeking services.

There are a few options available to correct foundation problems. Systems include driven, drilled, and helical techniques that are more advanced, and less intrusive than previous solutions. State-of-the-art equipment is used to lift the foundation, fill in cracks, or stabilize expanding soil. A design and engineering team can also create custom solutions for complicated problems. Once an assessment is completed and options are reviewed, free estimates are available to help homeowners plan for work to be done. Homeowners can Visit the Website for information on the various processes and products available and to arrange for an assessment. A home is a major investment, so protect it with services as soon as issues present themselves. Quick action can help keep repair costs down and prevent any further damage to the home.

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