Telehandlers For Rent in Chicago and Other Cities in Illinois

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Crane Service

Advantages of Telehandlers

A telehandler is one of the most versatile types of vehicles available for construction. When shopping for telehandler rental rates in Illinois, you could find affordable deals for your project. This versatile vehicle is ideal for small-scale construction projects in the heart of Chicago, which has a highly urban layout. Telehandler rental rates in Illinois are based on the brand and technical specifications of the equipment. Some of the most capable telehandlers are capable of lifting more than 12,000 total pounds. With a lift height of more than 40 feet, the most advanced models deliver tremendous utility at sites that have lots of obstacles on the ground. A modern telehandler also comes with a cabin that provides 360-degree views of the surroundings for optimum safety and productivity. Additionally, the cab might include digital displays and other advanced electronics for monitoring real-time parameters. The telehandler operator will enjoy the ergonomic seat and other easy-to-reach controls on the dashboard or console.

Leasing Telehandlers

Telehandler rental rates in Illinois are available at competitive prices on the latest Gehl models. You could save on the short-term lease by renting multiple vehicles for your project. The short-term rentals are typically based on fixed daily charges. If you don’t return the telehandlers by the set deadline, you will be charged penalty fees for each extra hour of use. The delivery fees for the telehandler will depend on the total mileage from the storage facility to the site of deployment. Get in touch with La Grange Crane Service, Inc. now to rent telehandlers in Illinois.

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