The Effect of Hail on Shingles in Toledo Ohio

There is no question that Mother Nature can be quite unpredictable. From damaging winds and golf ball size hail, all of these factors can cause serious damage to a home’s Shingles in Toledo. Being aware of the various ways hail can damage a home is imperative to keeping a home in top condition.

Granule Loss

At the points where hail impacts the roof, it can cause surface depression. When this occurs, the mineral granules can fall off of the shingle, which results in the asphalt coating being directly exposed to rain, wind and other elements. This can lead to a faster aging of the Shingles in Toledo Ohio. This is why granule loss is not considered just a cosmetic issue. Also, just adding new granules to the shingle is not a permeant solution. Eventually, the shingle will have to be replaced.

Cracks in the Surface of the Shingle

If hail hits the shingle hard enough, it can cause a crack in the surface that radiates outward from the initial point of impact. A crack is likely present if during the hail storm there were also high winds that blew the shingles back.

Exposed or Fractured Fiberglass Mat

If the hail shattered the asphalt surfacing, it might break away from the fiberglass mat. If this mat is exposed, there is a higher likelihood of leaks. Also, if the mat is visible, there is a higher chance that hail also hit it, which may have fractured the mat. This can mean serious issues if it is not repaired in a timely manner.

The shingles on a home are meant to protect the roof and interior of the structure from adverse weather conditions and heat. If the surface is damaged due to hail, it is essential to take action to have it fixed right away. If a homeowner is unsure if any damage is present, they may need to call the professionals for an inspection. More information about hail damage and the consequences it can have on a roof and home can be found by visiting the website.