Three Reasons Why Parking Lots Without Paving in Waterford CT Lose Potential Traffic

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

Some business owners have a gravel parking lot and see no reason to change. This is more common with businesses located outside of the city limits, but it’s also somewhat prevalent in smaller towns. Restaurants, bars, country grocery stores and even veterinary clinics may have unpaved lots. Contractors that do asphalt Paving in Waterford CT and the surrounding areas know the distinct advantages of having paved lots instead of gravel ones.

An Impression of Incompleteness

An unpaved lot always gives the impression that work on the property isn’t quite done yet. Regular customers of the business will become accustomed to the gravel lot, but potential new ones may wonder about the lack of pavement. Especially if they just happen to be driving by and the lot is relatively empty, they may assume the place is still in the works and decide to keep going to one with Paving in Waterford CT.


Many people aren’t thrilled about gravel parking lots. They don’t like the discomfort of walking on gravel after parking. Since the little stones tend to get tossed around by tires, a gravel lot quickly becomes partly a dirt lot.

Many people don’t want to walk across the dirt and get their shoes and the bottoms of their pants dusty. On a wet day, the problem is even worse because now these potential customers don’t want to walk through mud. Even regular customers may pass up the business and go elsewhere.

Drivers Use Too Much Space

Experts have confirmed that drivers take up too much space when there are no designated parking spots. They park further apart than is necessary. In a parking lot that rarely or never fills up, this doesn’t matter. However, a restaurant or bar owner who wants to pack in as many customers as legally fit into the building will be hindered by an unpaved lot.

These reasons show why a paved parking lot, as constructed by a contractor such as Sullivan Paving, can boost the number of customers coming into the building. That building is intended to look inviting, so the area around it should as well.

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