Three Reasons Why Homeowners Should Choose to Install Wood Windows in Palmdale CA

Windows are designed to function for as long as 30 years, so long as they are properly cared for. Wood Windows in Palmdale CA can last even longer, and provide a natural elegance to any home. Most homeowners choose to purchase windows made from vinyl, which can save money up front, but they are not designed to last as long. Anyone looking to build a home or remodel an existing one should research the benefits to solid wood windows and decide if the extra investment is worth the long term return. Here are the top three benefits to choosing wood windows for any type or size space.

Year Round Durability

Wood windows react well to temperature changes, and can tolerate extreme heat and cold without negative effects. Most vinyl windows are susceptible to cracking and fading, which can leave them unsightly and sacrifice their energy efficiency. As long as wood windows are kept sealed, they will remain free from insects and damage for years, and add a natural beauty and rustic charm to any house, new or old.

Energy Savings

Most homeowners are surprised to learn that new wood windows are more energy efficient than their vinyl counterpart. Combine the superior insulation qualities of wood with a high quality double pane glass, and wood windows can be up to ten times more energy efficient than those made from man-made materials. Talk to a window company and learn more about the surprising money savings in store by choosing wood units.

Low Maintenance

Another great reason to install Wood Windows in Palmdale CA is for their low maintenance. Most windows will only need to be cleaned once a year. Simply wipe the wood down with a solution of water and a mild detergent, and they will be ready to stand the test of time. They will need to be resealed as time progresses, but experts agree that this should occur no more than once every 10-15 years, depending on the climate.

While they may cost more upfront, the benefits to choosing wood windows are numerous. Stop by Palmdale Glass and Mirror today and view their full line of wood windows. Whether a home is new or old, they will have the windows to match its character and drastically reduce utility bills. Visit us website to learn more and start shopping online.