The Top Must-Have Features in a Cheap Hand Dryer

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

On the hunt for a cheap hand dryer model to install within your business, school, or restaurant? If you’re looking for a faster, better way to dry hands in the restroom, a dryer can be an excellent choice. You’ll also find that modern technology means that even models equipped with many bells and whistles won’t cost you a fortune. Of course, you do need to know more about the must-have features for any dryers you consider.

Power Savings

Let’s face it. There’s little use in buying a cheap hand dryer, only to find that it costs you a lot to operate over time. So, one of the first things to look for when buying dryers for your facility is power saving capabilities. Compare the power usage of each unit that you’re considering, as well as the minimum operating time. For instance, a unit that runs for 60 seconds per use will use more power than one that runs for 30 seconds, if all other things are equal.

High-Performance Drying

Another consideration here is high-performance drying. The higher the performance of the dryers you purchase, the less time it will take to dry hands under the blower. This reduces the amount of time the motor must run, which in turn reduces the unit’s draw on the power grid. You might assume that a higher performance motor would draw more current than a lower performing motor, but you will usually find that shorter run times are more important to cost and power savings.

No Touch

Another important consideration is no-touch technology. While push-button hand dryers are still around, and make good options for some facilities, more and more people prefer no touch dryers. There is a good reason for this. When you push the start button on a dryer, your hands are wet. That moisture gets on the dryer body and then stays there, attracting germs and bacteria, which flourish. Then, someone else comes along and touches it, and the bacteria then spreads to their hands. With no touch technology, all you need to do is place your hand in a range of the sensor to turn it on – no touching needed.

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