What You Want to Know about Seamless Gutters in Charleston, SC

by | May 20, 2021 | Roofing

Seamless gutters are aluminum gutters that only contain seams at the corners of the gutters and at the downspouts. While it may seem as though the manufacturers of seamless gutters in Charleston, SC are misleading you by calling them seamless gutters, they really aren’t.

The fact is that regular gutters – these are the gutters that you might find on a typical older home – have seams every 10 feet or so. Each seam has to be joined by solder as well as a number of screws and connectors. Because there are so many seams, there is a high probability that the gutters will leak after a few years of use. Seamless gutters, however, only have a handful of seams, providing fewer weak points and less chance of leaking over the years.

Most new homes are being made with the use of seamless gutters. In fact, over half of any home with new gutters have seamless gutters in Charleston, SC. This is very interesting considering the fact that seamless gutters do cost more to make and install than a standard gutter system.

The reason for this is that in order for a seamless gutter system to be used, the manufactures of the system actually have to come to your home and make a custom system exclusively for your building. This means employing a skilled team that knows how to measure your property correctly and install the gutters correctly as well. What’s more, the team will need the appropriate equipment to fold and shape the aluminium to the outline of your home (or other building) so that it fits perfectly.

You should be able to get your new gutters installed in one day. If, however, you have a very large home, the process could take longer. What’s more, a smaller team may do an installation slower than a larger team. Ask your contractor in advance how long he or she expects it to take to install your new gutters.

Seamless gutters can be an excellent upgrade to your home. Not only do they look better, as the aluminium can be painted to match your home, but they work better as well. Talk to a local seamless gutters contractor like Carolina Gutter Company of SC, LLC in Charleston, SC and find out if this is a good option for your home.

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