What To Do When Water Damage Occurs

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

If you live in Charleston SC, a major storm with high winds and copious amounts of rain is certainly not a novelty. The resultant water damage is no surprise either. However, if you are new to the region and have never experienced such difficulties before, it is important you know exactly what to do when damage occurs.

Step One

The first thing you need to do is to assess the damage. You need to consider where the water is prominent. If possible, you should classify the water type. Depending upon whether the storm water is clean – very rare, or combines sewage and other toxic contaminants, the norm, you can conclude how much to venture into the water-damaged areas.

Step Two

After discovering the quality of the water and isolating the damage, you must make certain any electrical elements are shut off. If possible, do so; if you cannot, be sure to contact the electric company. They can handle it. This is essential to ensure the safety of everyone in the residence or business. It will reduce the risk of electrocution or an electrical fire. It also makes the area safe for those who need to help you clean up the mess.

Step Three

Call in a professional. At this point, only a professional water damage restoration company can help. They will work tirelessly to clean your space and property. They will diligently dry up the affected areas. In doing so, not only will they help to save your items from deteriorating further, they will also prevent further damage.

If you allow water to remain or fail to completely dry off and out the affected items and space, you are creating a breeding ground for future problems. If water continues to lie beneath or on the surfaces of items in your Charleston SC home, you are providing fungi including mold, as well as bacteria and other toxic entities the ideal environment for multiplying. If this happens, they can negatively affect the atmosphere of your home. You and your family members will potentially breathe in toxins, becoming ill in the process.

If left unremedied, the problem can increase until the house will become uninhabitable. The cost can quickly become prohibitive. In some cases, the removal of mold will completely will not be possible. This will make the value of your property investment and your home sweet home worthless.

Calling in the Professional Water Damage Experts

Any water entry into to your home is a matter of concern. Whether it is from a burst water pipe or a tropical storm, you need to take the appropriate action to mitigate the damages. If you live in Charleston SC, the best option will always be a water damage restoration company such as H2O Drying Services.

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